Returns a random string of character the length at which is requested.
Characters avalible are 0-9 a-z and A-Z for a total of 62 characters.


Converts a string of "true" into a boolean of TRUE and a string of "false" into a boolean of FALSE. This is sometimes needed when going between JavaScript and PHP with AJAX.

subBefore(string:String, character:String):String

Given a string and a character or set of characters this function will return a substring before the first occurance of the set.

urlTitle(string:String, seperator:String):String

Converts a given string into a character seperated URL title safe string. This function also lower cases the string. The optional second parameter allows you to pass in your own character, otherwise a dash (-) is used.


Converts html elements to safe viewable charcters so not to affect the written HTML.


Turns the first letter of the passed in string to a capital letter.