MogulMVC is a PHP MVC framework which includes a UI library.

It is written in PHP, jQuery, and Sass

Here are the reason's you shouldn use MogulMVC.

  • CSS UI - MogulMVC includes a CSS library of commonly used UI elements.
  • Automatic CSS and JavaScript Minification - When in production mode MogulMVC will automatically create a single CSS and single JavaScript file for your entire project and cache it for quick loading. When page caching is used HTML gets minified and cached as well.
  • Speed - MogulMVC is a "loosly coupled" and "use-at-will" framework. You specify only the components and libraries to load so nothing more than what you need is loaded.
  • Vendor Libraries - MogulMVC includes PHPActiveRecord for database access and jQuery and jQuery UI for client side scripting.
    It also works well with any other vendor library.
  • Here are the reason's you shouldn't use MogulMVC.

  • Support - I wrote MogulMVC for me and my projects. Thus, there is no large coporation or community backing MogulMVC.
  • Age - MogulMVC is a young framework compared to others like Codeigniter, and CakePHP and hasn't been tested by a large community.
  • JavaScript UI - MogulMVC's JavaScript UI library is not as robust as jQuery UI or Twitter Bootstrap.
  • MogulMVC is a combination of several Mogul libraries.

  • MogulCSS - A Sass based CSS library that is used by MogulJS and MogulMVC for styling. It attempts to stay stylistically consistent with Mogul AS.
  • MogulIcons - An icon set containing anything from social icons to ui element icons.
  • MogulJS - A JavaScript and jQuery Utility and Interface library that uses the MogulCSS library for styling. The code attempts to stay stylistically consistent with Mogul AS, and the MogulMVC, which extends it.